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No More Spinning Wheels. 
Stop Letting Fear Win!!
For the passion-driven woman who is tired of sabotaging & ready to get out of her own way.
5-Shifts to Overcome Self-Sabotage and Take Back Your Life!
  • How to become a woman who is not afraid to take action and fully trust her ability to make big decisions, even if you have a history of being indecisive 
  • How to deeply heal your relationship with yourself so that self-sabotaging behaviors and thought patterns are no longer the norm and are easily manageable or removed from your life’s path. 
  • How to get what you want in your life, business, and career even if you feel like you are so far removed from your dream. 
  • How to be secure, discover your unique gifts and celebrate all of who you are instead of feeling like you’re not enough or you’re being selfish or like you’re expectations are too high 
  • How to create your thriving environment so that it fully supports who you’re becoming, improving your relationships with the ones you love the most 
  • How to stop going into panic mode when you get a bit uncomfortable or when you don’t yet see signs of change.
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Crystal Layland, personal development and business mentor, speaker, author and host of Her Fearless Hustle the Podcast. 

For many years my personal struggle with self-sabotage prevented me from taking action, from doing what is required of me for my  family and ultimately prevented me from having a more fulfilling life. 

When I discovered that self-sabotage is deeply rooted in the stories we’ve been creating, believing, and essentially acting on over the years, I began to focus on helping others re-write those stories.

My signature program helps passion-driven women heal their self-relationship and take back their life. 

They come into the program...stuck spinning their wheels, held back by past experiences, afraid to fail – like they can’t move forward, like they are not enough, have lost themselves and when they have finished all of the steps they feel connected, aligned w/ purpose, give themselves permission in all areas of their life, like they’ve finally let themselves free!...essentially, walking away with a stronger, deeply connected relationship with themselves and ability to confidently navigate through life’s obstacles.
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